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It’s 2222 and the day is young! After a worldwide collapse of state-ruled powers, the remaining megalopoles are ruled by the only thing that matters in life: credits. Enjoy the eery and unique atmosphere of a planet completely stripped of any nature. Grind in real time and relish on your small victories against those less fortunate than you!

It's 2222 and the day is young !

Aden is a megalopolis. Emerging from the ruins of Cairo many many years ago, the different levels and districts are home to a large number of different and complex people. From your regular business person to the nature fanatic, you’ll see it all!



With your mouse and keyboard, navigate through Aden’s mysteries. Pick up and examine objects, open doors, jump and run as best as you can to complete your objectives. Speak to allies or foes alike to keep going, and enjoy the atmosphere as you please.




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